Thursday, 08 April 2010 16:14

Cyclic Design Licenses G14 BCH ECC IP to Trident Microsystems

Trident Microsystems, Inc. licenses Cyclic Design's BCH error correction IP to enable support for 8KB page MLC flash devices in their upcoming SOC and DTV products. Cyclic Design's ECC IP provides a flexible and easy to integrate solution for high levels of ECC correction required for NAND flash devices, enabling companies such as Trident to preserve their investment in their existing product portfolio.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 8, 2010 -- Cyclic Design, an Austin, Texas based IP and consulting services provider, announced today that Trident Microsystems has licensed Cyclic Design's G14 BCH Error Correction IP. A leader in high-performance semiconductor system solutions for the connected home, Trident will integrate the Cyclic Design G14 into their NAND Flash controllers supporting Trident's family of HD-DVR set-top box and digital TV SOCs.

Cyclic Design's G14 BCH ECC solution enables NAND flash controllers to support 1KB correction blocks with up to 32 bits of ECC per block, supporting next-generation MLC flash applications that require ECC24+ correction. The design's flexibility lends itself to multiple uses within large semiconductor companies such as Trident, which has plans to utilize the G14 in several upcoming chips.

"The Cyclic Design IP has allowed us to preserve the majority of our already mature and proven NAND interface solution, while allowing us to address the changing ECC requirements of the NAND devices.  Other solutions in the market require a wholesale replacement of IP, requiring more hardware and software resources.  The configurability of the core also allows us to target a variety of usage models and balance performance and features for different markets," said Mark Baur, Director of IP Development for Security, Transport, and Peripherals at Trident.


"By licensing Cyclic Design's BCH error correction IP, Trident recognizes the value of maintaining their investment in their existing hardware infrastructure. I am excited to be working with Trident in developing their next generation SOC devices and look forward to their integration of the IP into their other product lines," said Eric Deal, President and Founder of Cyclic Design.

The Cyclic Design G14 BCH Encoder/Decoder implements the BCH error correction algorithm using a 14-bit Galois field capable of performing 2-32 corrections on block sizes from 2 to 1800 bytes. The G14 provides several bandwidth and throughput options to support applications using single or multiple channels of NAND flash memory. The G14 design's flexibility ensures seamless integration into existing logic.

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