Cyclic Design Announces Enhanced BCH ECC Portfolio: G14X IP Supports 64-bit Error Correction for NAND Flash Applications

Cyclic Design announces the G14X BCH ECC IP that extends the existing G14 IP to enable support for up to 64 corrections per correction block. The IP ensures that licensees have the flexibility to increase ECC strength in NAND Flash interfaces for future generation flash devices.

Austin, TX - June 8, 2010 - Cyclic Design (cyclicdesign.com) announces the availability of its G14X BCH ECC solution for NAND flash applications. The G14X IP is an extension of the G14 IP that enables correction of up to 64 bits per ECC correction block. Companies can protect not only their NAND Flash controller investment, but also their IP investment by ensuring it can scale to support future products.

While the G14X IP is interface-compatible with Cyclic Design's other BCH ECC IP, it also incorporates an asychronous interface within the ECC module. By running corrections at a higher clock rate, customers may target either lower latency or smaller designs by utilizing a high-speed clock for corrections. The IP also offers other optimizations to minimize correction latency.

Eric Deal, President of Cyclic Design, says, "The G14X IP further extends Cyclic Design's ECC capabilities, establishing Cyclic Design as the premier BCH ECC vendor for NAND Flash applications. Cyclic Design's flexible architecture also enables the IP to support a wide range of applications with the same IP design."

Cyclic Design's IP is available in verilog and is designed for use in both standalone NAND flash controllers as well as high-performance SSD applications, where the error correction can be shared among several channels of NAND flash. It supports programmable selection of block sizes and ECC levels and is parametrized to support a variety of performance and ECC options. The design runs at 300 MHz in the TSMC 45nm LP process and is also compatible with FPGA applications.

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Cyclic Design provides IP and consulting services for the semiconductor industry. The company specializes in ECC and NAND flash technology but has a broad base of experience through its president, Eric Deal, who has over 15 years of industry experience.

For additional information and data sheets on Cyclic Design ECC solutions, contact Eric Deal or visit http://cyclicdesign.com.

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