Cyclic Design Licensees


Eureka Technology and Cyclic Design have partnered to provide a full NAND controller with ECC solution.  For more information, view Eureka's website.

The following companies are also Cyclic Design customers:

Development Partners:

The following companies are development partners with Cyclic Design:

The Zocalo Tech product set, branded under the name Zazz™ has been architected and developed from the ground up with one goal in mind – increased productivity for engineers adopting and utilizing Assertion Based Verification.

Tachyon develops Verilog Hardware Description Language tools. Their flagship product, CVC, is a high performance compiled Verilog HDL simulator. CVC is both flexible enough for initial Verilog logic design and fast enough for server farm regressions using compiled simulation. CVC's high performance and low cost make it the most cost effective Verilog simulator available.


Cyclic Design’s BCH core is a high performance drop-in ready design that is ideal for addressing the aggressive ECC requirements of today’s NAND flash devices. The modular construction of the IP makes it easy to experiment with multiple architectures in order to optimize for performance, area, and timing. During our evaluation phase, Eric was very responsive on any issues or questions that arose, and was even able to help tune the IP to better match our specific FPGA architecture.

Neil O'Rourke, Verivue