About Cyclic Design

Cyclic Design is an LLC based in Austin, Texas, that licenses error correction IP and provides design consulting services.

Founder and CEO, Eric Deal, has 18 years of ASIC/SOC design and architecture experience and understands how difficult it is to integrate IP. He has also done complex control and data path logic implementations and can use this experience to develop the right solution for your application. To find out more about Eric’s background, please visit his Linked-in profile.

What’s in a name?

Cyclic Design refers to the math underlying the algorithms, called cyclic codes [Wikipedia]. Cyclic also refers to the company Founder’s love of cycling, so it seemed an apt name.

What’s in a logo?

Sets of numbers in a cyclic code repeat after reaching the last element in the set; thus they can be viewed as a circular ring of numbers. Typically the elements of the set are represented by the Greek letter α raised to a power. For the Galois Fields around which BCH is constructed, there are 2^m-1 cyclic elements in a field. The logo uses a chainring from a bicycle to represent the cyclic Galois field with a GF(2^5) field with 31 elements that form the teeth. Each tooth is formed by one of the elements in the field, with α^0 following α^30.